Monday, December 15, 2008

Tips for a Great C-Section Recovery!

*Enlist help! Have your husband, mom, or best friend to you stay with you your first week after giving birth. Let them help with the laundry and meals and try not to stress if your house isn't perfect that first month. If you have other children, make sure you have someone on hand to help with them for the first couple weeks as you try to take it easy.

*Drink lots of fluids- expecially if you're breastfeeding!

*Have your baby sleep next to your bed in an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper. If you don't have a co-sleeper bed, you can use a pack and play set up close to your bed. This makes it easy for the mid-night feedings as you can nurse baby in bed, put her back in her close by bed, then fall back to sleep.

*If you start bleeding heavier than before, get off your feet! Your body lets you know when you're doing too much. So, if your flow increases or you start cramping up more, then take a break and lay down. Try to avoid too much walking around during the first few weeks post-pardom!

*Breastfeed, even if it takes a while for your milk to come in- if you have to supplement, ask your doctor for a syringe with a tube attatched. You fill the syringe, latch baby on, and then put the end of the tube into Baby's mouth. As the baby suckles, you slowly push the milk into baby's mouth. This method has worked great for me with two of my children who had to supplement for a week or two. My milk eventually came in and we were able to continue breastfeeding for 11 1/2- 12 months!

*If anyone asks to bring you a meal, say "yes"! If you have a ton of meals already, then just freeze it!

*Don't be afraid to take pain medicines when you're hurting! If you don't want to do the heavy duty stuff, but are in pain, then at least take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen (if your doctor allows). Being in a lot of pain can cause it to take longer for you to heal, not to mention make it harder for you to spend quality time with your newborn.

*Don't let the fact that you had a C-Section get you down! Some of us let whether or not we had the birth we dreamed of us affect how we feel as a mother. It's good to think about how we might do things differently next time, but in doing so, be carefull not to let disapointment consume you. Instead of focusing on what you could have/should have/wished had happened, remember what really matters now is how you live every day as a mom. The way your baby came into this world lasted only a minute, but being your child's mother will last a lifetime.


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  2. I had a c-section with my daughter in 2007 and my daughter was taken to the NICU so I was not able to see her but for a split second as she was wheeled away. My OB told me as soon as I had feeling in my legs (since I had a spinal and it wears off within 2 hours) he would let them wheel me to the NICU. I was wheeled in a wheel chair from the recovery room to the NICU and from the NICU I WALKED down the hall to my room. None of the nurses or doctors wanted me walking nor could they believe I could handle it but it was so worth it. I then rested for an hour and walked back to the NICU where I sat in a recliner for four hours then walked back to my room. Granted I was bent over like an old lady I walked right after surgery and that was the secret to healing faster for me. My OB is a good friend of the family and he says he now encourages ALL of his patients to walk from the recovery room to their hospital room and the ones that do are up walking around normal by the next day! I was walking and getting up just like normal within 24 hours and I even drove my self home from the hospital four days later!

  3. I agree w/ the advice to walk as soon as possible. I did w/ my section and have found that when I talk w/ people who had a harder recovery they didn't do so. I also find there's a difference in ladies who were stapled and who were stitched. This is def something to discuss w/ your OB, as it's usually just your docs preference as to what he/she does (and I've found through a little research that it's just a faster way for them to finish up).


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