Thursday, December 18, 2008

What to Pack for a C-Section: Items NOT to Pack!

What to Leave Home:
*Diapers- most hospitals will provide these. Before you go home, do ask for extras as they often will give them out!
*Menstrual Pads- the hospital provides these as well (though you might find it usefull to bring a pack of Depends for extra coverage)
*Breast Pump- most hospitals have these available. See if your hospital provides these before you lug yours along.
*Check with Your Hospital on whether they have Breast Feeding Pillows, Snacks, & DVD Players. If they have these things to use, then it's less you have to lug along!

♥Something to remember- it's more convenient to pack too much and leave a bag in the car than it is to regret leaving something at home and then having to send your hubby home to pick it up.

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