Sunday, February 1, 2009

Treasure Chest Cake

I made this cake for my oldest son's 4th. pirate themed birthday party.

The cake was pretty easy to make- I baked a sheet cake first, then just cut it up. I bought chocolate buttercream frosting from the bakery section of our grocery store, chocolate coins from a discount toy store, candy necklaces & ring pops from Party Warehouse, and fruit by the foot from the grocer also.

After I baked the sheet cake, I popped it out of the pan after it cooled a little, then stuck it into the freezer. After it had hardened up a bit, I took it out and cut it up to assemble it like a treasure chest. To make it prop open, I used tooth picks on the inside under the lid, (we had to remember to remove these when it was time to eat!). Then I gave it a basic once over with the frosting, then frosted it again w/ the fudge frosting and tried to create some texture to look like wood. I added the fruit by the foot to across the middle, and used black frosting to create details. Then I just stuck the candy coins and jewels inside and voila'! Treasure chest cake completed!

The kids LOVED the candies and were very excited to eat it. There wasn't any cake leftover after the party!

If you'd like detailed instructions on how to make this cake, and many other cool cakes, check out Family Fun's website! The link will take you directly to the page that I used to get the idea to make this cake.

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  1. That is absolutely adorable! Love love that. You did an awesome job! I love differnt styles and original birthday cakes- too cool!

  2. That is a great idea for a cake! I just wanted to comment about the sister had two natural births, pretty long and difficult, then 5 sections. The thing is, with her 6th child, her uterus ruptured. She made it to the hospital, the baby was okay, she was okay....then, she got pregnant for was scary. She was hospitalized at 32 weeks, and had a section at 35 weeks, but baby was fine..6lbs, 9 ounces. I don't even remember how much some of mine weighed, but I remember Audrey. We were all holding our breath until she was born....I guess a pregnancy after a ruptured uterus is extremely risky. I would never recommend it, but just wanted to share what my sister went through....she has seven girls.

  3. Hi there.. I'm 16blessing'smom's sister, with the 5 c-sections.. My doctors never mentioned the possibility of ruptures, and I'd never heard of anyone having one. I'd felt a funny pop during the night, started feeling a little strange, (I guess it was the blood loss) but I'd had tacos for dinner, so I wasn't sure. I called the dr. in the morning, and they said to come in immediately, it was 2 weeks before my scheduled section. They sent me up to the hosp.,opened up and found the ruptures. (My incisions were vertical on the outside). They asked if we wanted them to try to repair them, and we said yes, thinking if they could it must be alright. Not a lot of time to discuss! So a surgeon came in and fixed it up.. They did say no more babies. We obeyed at first, but we truly feel God opens and closes the womb, and gives life, so after much praying and discussing, we left it up to Him. Now this sounds quite stupid, but we had faith for it, and now I believe He truly wanted us to have Audrey, and another interesting trial, too! The doctors were furious, but I followed their rules, and everything turned out fine. One thing that was interesting for us, though: When we brought the 2 week old Ellen (the rupture), (She had breathing problems, but they were resolved in a few days), in to the pediatrician for her check up, we had him look at our 8 yr daughter who had been looking pale, and she was diagnosed that evening with cancer. So, when we looked back, we felt that God allowed my uterus to rupture, to get Katie's leukemia treated just that much sooner, as she had none of the common symptoms. I'm not sure how God works things for our good, but it does seem that he does. I'm so sorry to have posted such a long comment, I wish you the very best, and your children are very fortunate, most women wouldn't have even 4 c-sections! I would have had more, but of course, that was the way in which God was closing my womb.

  4. That is so cute! I love any chocolate cake and Ill have to check out that site since I have two birthdays coming up that I have to make cakes for.

  5. Great cake! Love your creativity. If we do a pirate theme for our next party I will have to get the details :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I love the Bumbo. It is so great to have the baby right where we are, before they able to sit up on their own. Well worth the money. And they hold up well - This one is on it's 3rd child and still looks great!

  7. I will keep this short, I promise! Katie does pretty well, healthwise, considering what her body has been through. She's a teacher, married to a wonderful guy, and has a lovely little daughter of her own! My sister (16blessings) and I were allowed to be there when she was born, and talk about amazing beyond words! We felt like we'd won the lottery. Take care!

  8. Cheryl- I enjoyed your long post, so feel free! I'm just excited to meet someone else that's gone for 5 c-sections! I have met 2 ladies on here that have either had or about to have 5 c-sections. My OB's sister has had 5 or 6. Outside of that, it seems very rare (as most families don't seem to go for 5 kids regardless of the birth type).

    That is very cool that you were there for your daughter giving birth to your granddaughter!!! How old are your kids?

    It's very nice to meet you. I'm glad I found your sister's blog!

    And, by the way, I was an only child and always wanted lots of siblings, so I can relate to those other kids who looked at your family longing to be part.


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