Wednesday, March 4, 2009

10 Baby Items I Can Live Without

After having 4 children, here are 10 baby items that I can live without:

10. Diaper Genie
I've used the Diaper Genie during babysitting jobs and agree that it does the job on keeping poo poo smells out. However, why pay for refills when you can just use a regular trashcan and liner for much cheaper? Plus, Diaper Genie and even the Diaper Champ fill up very quickly if you have 2 in diapers. It was much easier for us to use a regular trashcan with a liner once we had 2 kids.
9. Walker
If you have limited space and mostly carpet in your house, I highly suggest you skip buying a walker. Without much room (or smooth floors), there's no where for the walker to go, therefore defeating the purpose.

8. Bottles
If you're exclusively breastfeeding and are ready to introduce baby to some solids as well as drinking water at mealtime, I suggest you skip the bottle. I went straight for a sippy cup with each of our kids when they were around 4 months old. I'd hold the cup for them when they were first using it, then as they became older they could hold it themselves. If you go straight for the sippy cup, you won't have to worry about Baby becoming attached to a bottle.

7. Baby Shoes
Babies do need to keep their feet warm, but what is the purpose of shoes for a child that can't even crawl yet? We've skipped over shoes when our babies were very young and instead went for slippers or socks to keep their feet warm. Once they were close to crawling age, we went for Robeez.

6. 2nd. Car Seat Base
99% of driving our kids is spent in one vehicle. When we did need to take baby in another car, we just strapped the carseat in without the base.

5. Changing Table
Changing Baby on the crib with a lap pad or receiving blanket under Baby works just as well. Or, you can even change baby on the floor, your bed, or anywhere else flat and soft. If space is an issue in your home, skip the changing table and use whatever is most convenient for diaper time.

4. Bassinet
With a bassinet, your time is up once Baby starts rolling over or starts to sit up. Go for a Pack 'n Play instead. A Pack 'n Play can be used as a basinet for a newborn as well as a travel bed once Baby is older.

3. Baby Snow Suit
A bunting like this should not be used when a baby is a car seat, and most people probably don't take their babies for long walks outside when it's frigid cold, so what's the point? Do people really use these???

2. Cribs that Convert into Big Kid Beds
If you plan to have a second child within the next 2-3 years, you will need to use the crib for the new baby before your first child gets a chance to enjoy it as a Big Kid bed.

1. Fancy Newborn Outfits
Newborns sleep, eat, and poo. That's about it. Why put them into uncomfortable outfits when you can put them in a comfy little sleeper instead? Sleepers, bag outfits, and onesies make diaper changing easier than using fancy outfits. Not only are they so much more comfortable for baby, but they make diaper changing easier for you! You won't have to take multiple things off of baby after spit-ups or blow-outs.

Disagree with an item in my list? Have a baby item I forgot? Leave a comment and voice your opinion!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I agree with mostly everything! We did not use our changing table once... It just sat there looking pretty! :)

    We did buy convertable cribs though, and we are SOOOO glad we did! My kids are 18 months apart, and they each got their own furniture. I was very selective and chose matching dressers that did not look like "baby" furniture. We also bought very well made furniture... My son is in his full size bed now, and I LOVE it! My daughter is still in her crib. Also, when my daughter was born, my son still slept in his crib and I didn't want to move him into a big bed at that point...

  2. Haha, this list is funny. I agree with all of it. ESPECIALLY the diaper genie. It DID keep the poo smell out, until you opened the damn thing.

  3. This was a fun list - it's funny I had most of these items - but I'd agree I could live without all of them. We are SO blessed here in America aren't we? One time saver was our second car base. I hate trying to thread the seat belt through car seats. I remember many sweaty moments in the hot summer - trying to get the carseat in someone else's car. So I must admit that the extra base was a frustration saver :-)

  4. I was nodding the whole time I read your list!!! We used to have a Diaper Champ and it didn't hold very many diapers for some reason so we started using just a regular garbage basket with a liner and it works so much better (and keeps the smell to a minimum). And changing are so right!

    The other thing I could've lived without was the wipes warmer. I got like 3 of those when I had my baby shower when I was pg with Cole and Bella. I thought it was the best thing on earth but then quickly realized it was just another useless gadget!!

  5. I totally agree with this list! Although I have gotten some use out of Easton's bunting when we've taken his to the snow. But otherwise I could have written this! I can think of a couple more things, too.

  6. Oh yeah, and about the special diaper trash cans, WHO in the world wants to keep poopy diapers in the room long enough to fill up that can??? Yuck! I take out the trash every day on principal.

  7. I agree! I would also add bumbo chairs and high chairs in general.

  8. Great list, we don't have most of what's on there. One more item I always thought was ridiculous was the diaper wipe warmers.

  9. lol, I just told my mom the other day that I want another wipe warmer for this baby, because the one we used with both the girls broke. I actually liked it, but some people think it's too big of a hassle. I can pretty much agree with everything on the list. We use a diaper champ still, but we only use it for yucky diapers. We just don't have a place (except for our kitchen trash) to have a good air-tight trashcan, so the diaper champ has come in handy!
    We have 2 convertable cribs. When Cally was born we left Caitlyn in her crib and just got a new one. We used Caitlyn's as a toddler bed for a while, but eventually just moved her to a queen bed. Now we will use her crib for the new baby. I don't know if Cally's will still be in one piece by the time she's done with it... she's eating it.
    Anyways, very awesome list! Another thing is if you are strapped for cash, you don't HAVE to have a infant car seat... just have a regular one that can hold little ones. Although the infant carrier is nice (we borrowed my sister's for this baby, since my other one had been through 2 kids), it isn't a neccesity.

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    Just stopping by to say "HELLO!".
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  11. Great post. I love your blog. I'll have to do a post like this myself. I only had one, though.

  12. Great list! It's funny how different moms use such different stuff. We totally loved our convertible cribs. Each kid got their own to grow into. We used both carseat bases, too. But I totally agree with the skipping bottles thing.

    PS - I noticed that your button doesn't have a box to grab the code. If you want to know how to add that, drop me a note!

  13. Great list! I have a whole slew of gadgets I purchased as a sleep deprived, desperate mother of twins hoping they would help my little ones in the beginning. (Pumping in the middle of the night while surfing the internet is not always a good idea! I became an internet shopper!)

    I would like to add Podees to your list. Waste of money.

  14. Hi, I'm back to answer your Podee question. It is a "hands free" bottle device. Learning to feed my girls at the same time was a challenge especially when you have to break for burping and clean ups, etc. I thought this was going to help, but the tubes were just too tempting to play with thus making it a messy process. Here is a link to view the product:

    Some people love them, but they just weren't worth it to me.

  15. I could not agree more. We have an almost 3 year old who is still in the crib. It converts to a toddler bed, but its not the best. We actually have a toddler bed that we had from our last child that we will use. So the crib is useless to us as a toddler bed. I am so glad you also mentioned the changing table. I have a friend that can't live without those or something. I told her I hate them and she was like "I think they are so cool". I just used mine to collect laundry. I think I used it once..what a waste of space. And the diaper genie..AGREED! We have a trash can that goes in our garage that hold diapers. It stinks out there, but its in the garage so who cares? LOL. Great list.

  16. I can't believe how many people don't like their diaper genie. I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. I have the diaper genie II and I find that it holds plenty and does not smell at all, except for when you go to put a diaper in it, but then you close it and it doesn't smell anymore. I'd rather it stink for 2 seconds than have a diaper pail full of diapers that are stinking up my whole house!

  17. We always reused grocery sacks for stinky diapers.. Tie em up tight and toss em in the garbage. No fuss. With the diaper genie the smell was awful everytime you opened it and by the time it was full it weighed a ton!

  18. I agree with most of those items! However, I LOVE my changing table. Now that I am 9 months pregnant and still have a 1 year old. I have a hard time changing diapers anytime I am without it. It's nice to have the convenience of the perfect height as well as knowing I don't have to catch my 1 year old when he tries to roll off of a countertop. If you space your kids further out or don't have any issues bending over on the floor I can see the convenience of skipping this item.

  19. Great tips! I debated over the changing table because space is at a premium here but I had back surgery a few years ago and have been very careful with this pregnancy, and babyroom design to protect it. The less bending/leaning/slouching I have to do, the better. In the end I had DH build a box on top of a white desk we already had, which brought the height of the changing table up for me, and created great storage space for baskets between the top of the desk and under the changing area. When we no longer need it, it will easily convert back to being a desk!

    As for the diaper genie - I was given one for free and have been looking for clever ideas for how to use it without the plastic refills as a cloth diaper (dry) pail. So far, all I have found is people who just didn't use anything at all, but I think I will try to find a way to line it with a nylon laundry bag... any suggestions? :)


  20. K-

    What about removing the lid to the diaper genie and then you can line it with the laundry bag?


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