Monday, March 9, 2009

10 Baby Items I Love!

In no particular order, here are my top 10 Favorite Baby Items that I've used the most!

10. Bumkins Super Bibs-
These bibs are great! We have only 1 right now, but that's enough. The bib is lightweight and has a pocket to catch food and protect Baby's clothes. What I like most about this bib is that I can wash it out after mealtime at the sink and let it hang dry on the faucet. By the next meal, the bib's already dry and ready to be used again!

9. First Years Stacking Cups-
I bought these cups when my first was a baby and 5 1/2 years later, my kids STILL play with them almost every day! The cups nest inside of each other, or you can turn them upside down and stack them tall into a tower. My kids have had a lot of fun with the cups during bathtime. They'll fill the cups up with water and let the water drain out of holes that are in the bottom of the cups. This is a fun toy for playtime, bathtime, and even at the pool!

8. Take 'n Toss Sippy Cups-
These cups are inexpensive and work well for mealtime at home and on the go. They're dishwasher safe, so washing is easy. The cups are affordable enough that if one gets lost, you won't have to shell out a fortune to replace it!

7. Tiny Diner Placemat-
This place mat is great for eating out! Instead of having baby eat off of a dirty table, just stick the placemat down and now there's a clean place to put the food on! The placemat has suction cups on the bottom to hold it in place. When the meals over, the placemat rolls into itself and can be taken home to be washed. I wish I had bought this with my first baby instead of waiting until my third! It has been so handy!

6. Bouncer Seat
Any bouncy seat will do. My babies didn't care about all the bells and wistles. A plain bouncy chair with a mobile hanging from it kept them very entertained during those first few months. Plus, the bouncy seat is great for feeding Baby before he has the neck support to sit in a big high chair!
*Garage sales are the best place to find these for really inexpensive!!!

5. Graco Healthy Care Booster Seat (High Chair)
This chair is great for on the go. There are two trays as well as a cover to keep the trays clean. I've used mine for potlucks at church, visiting family, and even as a high chair at home. Since it attatches to an existing chair, you don't loose any space like you would with a regular high chair!

4. Pack 'N Play
We used ours as a bassinet in our room when our babies were newborns. We've also used ours a TON when traveling! You don't need anything fancy- just the basic pack 'n play does the trick!

3. Framed Backpack Carrier
This is one of my husband's favorite items. He's used it to carry our babies: picking blueberries, at the pumpkin patch, at the park walking on nature trails, and even when hiking up a mountain!

2. Robeez
Our youngest two babies have worn Robeez instead of regular shoes. We used Robeez for indoors and outdoor play. They are flexible and comfy for Baby's feet. We switch over to regular shoes eventually, but for the first year and a half, these work great!

1. Mobile for the Crib
Mobiles are great for keeping Baby occupied during the wee hours of the morning when everyone else is still asleep.
They're also great when it's time to lay Baby down.With our youngest, I would wind it up and she would stare at it for a while before falling asleep. She loved it! With a mobile, look for characters that point down, have a smiling face, and are brightly colored.

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  1. My boys both loved thier baby bouncers. It was a life saver for me and a lot of times the only way I could get anything done.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I totally agree and own almost all o those items, except for the backpack carrier. we may need to look into that one! I have that exact booster and Pnp as well!

  3. I still remember my bouncer. I bounced in it long after I was too big for it. I loved my bouncer!

  4. I still remember my bouncer. I bounced in it long after I was too big for it. I loved my bouncer!

  5. We have those same bibs!!! And I agree with you that they are awesome! The bouncer seat was my saving grace on most days!! We never did have a backpack carrier, though I'm sure it would've come in handy!!

  6. Hi, Morgan,

    Some of us are working on ideas for big families in small spaces over here.

    there are a couple ideas I think you might find useful!

  7. I totally agree with #4 and #5! I have two bouncers - but he's too wiggly and independant to sit in them anymore - and I have that exact booster chair for him. I love the list!

  8. bouncy seats are a must have. And I own that high chair with tray. It is awesome. When my son got too big for a high chair, we just took the tray off. It was great.

  9. I will add 1! I would have died without the Evenflo Exersaucer and Rainforest Jumperoo I was given as a gift with my boy when he was about 5 months old! He used both daily and it gave me the much neede time to "get things done" around the house and his leg strength between the 2 was built up so well that the very first time he took steps he went all the way across the room and halfway down the hall before dropping down on his own to crawl the rest of the way to his bedroom. After that he was full steam ahead--we had less than a half dozen fall downs when he was learning to walk-and after 2 days it was "game on"-much better than any walker could ever do! Even my Ped. told me that a stationery jumper or saucer was better for their development and walking and all! I can say from Experience it is true!

  10. Melda-
    I completely forgot about the jumpers! We never tried the stationary jumpers, but the doorway jumper was a big favorite for 3 of our kids.

    One of our kids refused to put any weight on her feet at all until she was 12 months or so, so she'd just sit with her feet hanging in the jumper. The others loved it, though!

    Thanks for the reminder! The jumper might have to go on a second list if I ever make one.


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