Monday, March 23, 2009

10 Tips for Visiting a New Mom

Have a friend or family member that's getting ready to have a new baby?
Here are some tips to keep in mind when you visit the new mom and baby:

10. Call first
Make sure the new mother is up for visitors and see what time works best for her and Baby.

9. Don't come during the first few hours after the baby is born unless you're asked to. Mom, Dad, and Baby need some time to bond before being flooded with visitors.

8. Consider bringing a gift
For the new baby and mom! It doesn't have to be expensive- even a note for the baby & parents or a flower picked from your garden shows thoughtfulness.

7. Knock when arriving for your visit in case the baby is nursing or the new mom is resting. If something has happened and the new parents are no longer up for visitors, be understanding and leave a note or gift with the nurse (or family member of the new baby) and offer to visit another time.

6. Pay attention to the new mom and dad and not just the baby!!!
With all the crazy hormones going through the new mom's body, she needs a little love and affirmation too. Ask her how she's doing, tell her she did a great job, or even just sit down and talk with her for a minute. This helps the new momma to feel loved and special too.

5. Wash your hands before you enter the room and before you leave!
This applies even after the baby is back at home. Always wash your hands before touching the baby!

4. If the baby is ill and in the NICU, DON'T ask to go into the NICU to see the baby unless the family offers (or unless you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling of the new baby).

3. Ask if there's anything you can help with.
I.e. bringing a meal, picking up a favorite snack for the new dad, or even just finding a nurse if the new mom has been hitting the button but has had no success in having a nurse respond.

2. If the baby starts to get fussy and is trying to latch onto anything within close to him/her, it's time to go.
Give the new mom and baby some space so they can get the nursing down. It's hard enough to get a new baby to nurse- having an audience only makes it more difficult. If the new mom insists that you stay and doesn't mind, make sure you leave if she starts to look uncomfortable or stressed.

1. Most of all, Don't Stay Too Long! Especially if the new mother has had a c-section!
Make your visit short and leave before the new parents are exhausted! If you've driven a long way and aren't ready to leave yet, then take a break in the waiting room for a bit, take to the hospital gift shop, or go get some lunch. Give the new parents plenty of time to bond and rest.

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  1. Gosh, Morgan...why didn't I know you 2 years ago when Garrett and Landon were born? I had so many friends that INSISTED on coming by the hospital to visit with me and it was really upsetting mainly because I just wasn't up for visitors. I much would've preferred it if they had waited until I had come home and the babies were home from the NICU. And I had one friend who kept insisting on going with me to the NICU to see the babies and I was already stressed out trying to was just so embarrassing and I remember crying after she left.

    I really think you've got a book in the making here, with all your wonderful tips and suggestions! It could be like "Everything You Need to Know Before and After You have your Baby...straight-up"!!

  2. A-MEN! Thank you Morgan for this list! I am going to put it on my myspace, so all my family and friends know what to do in September when I have my c-section with this little one!

  3. i love the picture accompanying this post and all the things on your list are so true!!


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