Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Create a Kid's Wall Calendar for Homeschooling


When my sons were 1 & 2 years old, I decided to create a calendar to help the kids keep track of how many days until their baby sister would be born. I also wanted to help them learn their days of the week. I wasn't able to find what I was looking for pre-packed at the store, so I decided to make my homeschooling calendar from scratch.

First, I bought a poster with the days of the week and calendar spots on it. I laminated it at the store. I wanted each month to have a different theme for the numbers (such as shamrocks for March), so I bought a number packets for each of the months, cut-outs with the names of the months, and holiday cut-out squares (i.e. the Saint Patrick's Day square pictured on the calendar on the right).

Next, I bought velcro and applied velcro to the back of every spot on the blank calendar poster. I applied the other side of the velcro to every calendar number.

I also took a star cut-out (as seen in the second photo) and drew a face on it and marked it "today". This is our "Today Star". I then applied velcro to the back of the today star, and added velcro to the tops of all the calendar numbers so that the Today Star would stick on top of each of the numbers.

The kids would move the today star every day to help them to know what the date was. Having the Today Star also helped them count down to events such as birthday, holidays, and family gatherings.

After we had the calendar set up, my then almost 3 year old very quickly learned the days of the week, what today was as well as tommorow, and learned to keep track of dates and time very well.

Each month the kids would get SO excited to put up new calendar numbers- hearts for February, Fish for June, Candy Corn and Pumpkins for October... they thought it was great fun to put those numbers up! They also enjoyed making a crafts that went along with the theme that we could decorate the wall with.

Despite all the work making a homeschooling calendar like this took, it was well worth it. Having the homeschool calendar up helped our boys learn their dates, counting, and time very quickly, and they also had a blast using it!

Quick tip: if you decide to make a calendar like this, pay extra and buy the velcro that's already cut into dots. Trust me, it is WELL worth the cost difference from buying the type you have to cut!!!

*Have a homeschool calendar you use already? I'd love to hear about it. Whether you bought one pre-packaged, or created your own, feel free to share what your family uses for a homeschool wall calendar!


  1. You use the same numbers for your calendar that I have for my classroom! Don't you just love the way they look like kiddos drew them?

  2. What a cute calendar! I love this idea!

  3. I can't wait to create this, thanks!! did you write in the numbers on the shamrocks? OR did they come with numbers already??

  4. They came pre-numbered. You can find them at a lot of teacher stores, maybe even online too. The laminating and cutting them all out was a bit of a pain, but was worth it to make the numbers and calendar sturdier. : )


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