Sunday, May 24, 2009

C-Section Recovery Tip- Avoid Comedies!

Just a piece of friendly advice- if you're expecting a c-section, DON'T watch comedies the day after giving birth! Watching funny movies after having surgery in the abdominal area is a big no no!

My husband and I enjoy watching movies while we're snuggling with Baby at the hospital. After one of my c-sections (either my 1st. or 3rd.), a comedy came on television. Boy did I regret watching that! Every time I laughed, I had awful pain in my belly. It's similar to the pain you have when you're walking around after surgery and having to bend over so it won't hurt. Even holding a pillow over the incision and leaning forward still didn't prevent the pain while laughing.

So if you're expecting a c-section, you might consider staying away from silly stuff the first couple days after surgery unless you're really good at supressing laughter!


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  2. I just started following your blog .. happy memorial day.

    Dropping by for a quick hello and have a great holiday.

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  3. That's right, it only hurts when you laugh! I had one C-Section and your right, in the beginning laughing could be painful. "hee hee, ow, hee hee, ow" it sounded something like that.

  4. Agreed! As well as trying to avoid coughing and um, breathing. :) lol

  5. It's not just sections.

    The day after I delivered my first, I almost coughed my episiotomy stiches out.

    I took my baby in for his one week check up and asked the doc if I needed to do something to protect my son from my whopping case of bronchitis.

    He wrote ME a script for codeine.

    I know exactly where you're coming from.


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