Monday, May 4, 2009

Ways to Make Moving With Little Children Easier

Very soon our family will be moving into a new house. The house we live in at the moment is the only home our children remember living in.
Amidst all the anxiety and excitement, here are a few things we will be doing to help make the transition into the new house as stress-free as possible for our little children:

*We're allowing the kids to see our current house after everything is moved out. Seeing the house completely bare will help to bring a little more closure that our days in this house are truly finished.

*Each child will have a backpack with their favorite things in it. This will make it easier for them to keep track of their special items when everything else in the house is packed, and it will make it easier for them to transport their stuff.

*The kids will be going with us to the final walk-through on the new house. It will be another chance for them to get to see the house and become more familiar with it so it's not quite so scary when they finally move in.

*Before our kids spend their first night in our new home, we are going to try to have their beds set up, some toys put away, and have their rooms painted. Hopefully when they walk into their rooms they feel like it's *their* special place and it feels like home for them.

All the house selling mess is almost over- finally. YEY!!!

♥If anyone has any other tips for making the transition into the new house less stressful for our children, I'd love to hear them!


  1. I think you pretty much have it covered! Depending on their age I'd have them pick their paint color, too.

  2. Hi Joy- yep, we did that too. : ) I have to say that it's a little challenging when they share a room!

  3. From someone who has moved a ton I think you have a good handle on it- the first thing we do is the kids rooms then I hang up family pictures makes each one of our "military" homes feel like home. As for the colors.. we painted 2 walls one color and 2 another then they had thier "corners" for their stuff.

  4. Great ideas!

    Tagged you over on my blog :)


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