Sunday, May 31, 2009

An Ambulance Cake

Originally posted in January 2009.

My second son recently celebrated a birthday. Every year, I try to make my kids a cake in the theme of their choice. My son decided last year that he wanted an ambulance cake this year and he held to that decision all year long! Here is a picture of the cake I made for him:

I also wanted to share a couple photos from when my son was born. He was born by routine c-section and had very high apgar scores. About 30 minutes after he was pulled out, though, he started to have problems. He ended up going into respiratory distress and was transferred to a hospital with one of the best NICU's around. At 8 days old, we finally got to take him home.

So here are a few pictures from when he was born, as well as him now- healthy and growing up great!

The picture to the right was taken the evening after I had my son. I still had the catheter and IV in, but they finally allowed me to see him by wheeling me into the NICU. As you can see, I had been crying for many many hours. He wasn't doing well at the time- the CPAP on him wasn't helping enough and we were scared.

The next picture was taken after my son was transferred to the children's hospital. The ventilator was in place and he was sedated. When he was 5 days old, his ventilator was out and I got to hold him. I had only held him briefly after birth, so I was very excited to have him in my arms. The next day they let me feed him, and two days later I finally took got to take my baby boy home.

Here is my son on his last birthday- so very healthy and big!

When we celebrate my son's birthday, we are reminded of his rough start and how wonderful it is that he is well now. It was a time of constant prayer as my husband and I sat by his little basinet 19 hours a day, praying that God would heal him quickly.

It's obvious that God is always working behind the scenes. We are thankful for His mercy in healing our son.

During my pregnancy, we had picked out my son's middle name: Josiah- which is Hebrew and means, "Healed by God". We felt the name was perfect for him . After everything with his birth, we were positive his name was a perfect fit.

"O LORD my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me." Psalm 30:2


  1. You did a great job on that cake! I'm impressed!
    What a perfect middle name for your son :)

  2. Wooohoo 2 u for the awesome cake!

    How scary with you son! I'm so glad that he did well after that rough start!

    I have an upcoming post that was inspired by you. If you do not figure it out, I will stop by and tell you :-D


  3. What a great cake and a little miracle:)

  4. Wow, amazing Morgan. Great cake too!


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