Monday, November 9, 2009

Keepsake Hand and Footprint Turkeys!

I made these turkeys with my kids 2 years ago and have enjoyed them so much, we made them again this year!  It makes a nice craft for the kids and a fun decoration for Thanksgiving!

To make the Turkeys, you will need:
*Construction paper in brown, red, orange, and any other color you want
*Googly Eyes
*White Paper- the bigger your child, the bigger the sheet of paper you will need.
8 1/2" x 11" works well up to preschool age.

To make the feathers: Start by tracing your child's hand on a sheet of construction paper.  Stack 6 more sheets of construction paper under the one with the traced hand and cut out the hand shape through all 7 layers of paper.  Set aside.

To make the body: Fold a piece of brown construction paper in half and trace your child's foot onto the paper.  Don't worry about going around each toe, simply trace a general outline of your child's foot shape.  Cut the foot tracing out through both layers of construction paper so that you now have 2 foot shapes to use for the turkey's body.

Flip one of the brown foot shapes over and then place both brown pieces onto the white sheet of paper so that the heals overlap and then flare out towards the toes. The heals will be at the top of the paper and the toes at the bottom. 

Glue the hand shapes behind the turkey body so they are fanned out like turkey feathers. 

Using orange paper, cut a small triangle for a beak and two legs.  Use Red paper to cut out a wavy oval for the wattle. 

Glue the legs under the bottom of the turkey body (see picture) and then glue the rest of the turkey in place.
Using glue, put the wattle and beak on as well.

Add the googly eyes and the turkey is complete!

*I laminated my turkeys and have held onto them as keepsakes.  By laminating the pictures, they last longer and can be put up as decoration again in future years.  Check out your local teacher supplies store for using a laminating machine.  If you live in TX, MO, KS, CO, or AK, consider checking out Mardel.  They have laminating machines in the teacher section of their stores that are VERY inexpensive to use.  

*IF you plan to laminate, do not add the eyes until AFTER you laminate the turkeys.  Glue the eyes on after laminating the pictures.


  1. So cute! Kinkos have laminating machindes too :)

  2. Oh great, thank you for letting me know! Kinkos are just about everywhere!

  3. Once you get them laminated (perhaps in a more thick laminate, or two layers of laminate), the kids can use them as placemats!

  4. Awwww, so cute! I ran out of construction paper but I've got some nice heavy cardstock we can use. Very fun!

  5. What a cute, bright and easy project. My 9 year old love art and will love to make that. Thanks.
    Hope you're feeling well.

  6. So cute!! My kids would love to make those!!

  7. This is a great craft, we made it last year and are planning on doing it again this year. We enjoyed making it. I will post it on my blog tomorrow along with another Thanksgiving day craft we made as well and are planning on doing it again this year. I love Thanksgiving :-)

  8. These are so adorable! What a great idea. In fact, I think I'll make these with my kids today!

  9. We are making these right now! We put glitter all over the turkey "feathers" so we're letting them dry at the moment. Can't wait to finish!


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