Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gift Ideas for a New Mom

When a new baby is born, most people take a gift.  It's fairly easy to think of ideas to take a new baby.  But what about the new mom?
Here are some of my favorite gift ideas to give to someone that's just had a baby:

*Cute and Comfy PJ's-  I received new drawstring PJs after 3 of my births.  It was really nice having something comfy and new to wear while recovering at the hospital and at home.  It was defiantly one of my favorite gifts!
*Magazines- Whatever her interests are in, you can probably find a magazine to match.
*Fuzzi Socks-  Bath and body works has some really neat fuzzy socks, but you can find them just about everywhere else too.
*Slippers- Something Cute and Comfy to keep toes warm while caring for baby.
*Journal-  I used a journal I received at the hospital to start writing out my baby's birth story and first days of life.  I wrote in it before we even went home, which was really nice as the details and emotions were fresh in my mind at the time.
*Peppermint Foot Scrub
*Snack Items- Snack items (especially the new parents' favorites) are always a hit.  Hershey's Chocolate, Cookies, favorite drink, bottled water, ect. 
*Gift Certificates- Wal-mart, Target, Bath & Body Works, a Restaurant, ect.
*Meals!  Bringing a hot-cooked meal is a wonderful gift for a new mom.  It means one less meal she or the new dad will have to worry about, which means more time to focus on their new baby!  Frozen meals are also nice as the new parents can use the meal on whatever day is best for them.
*Offer to Help- Cleaning her house, or even just holding the baby while she is able to get a shower.
*Personalized Item- Anything with the baby's name, birthstone, or picture on it.
*Gift Baskets- Filled with helpful goodies for the new parents

Whatever the gift is, the kindness and love behind it matters most.

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  1. great idea! My sis is having her baby in March, but probably in February actually. I was thinking of sending her a gift basket now (to enjoy before she's too busy with a newborn!) but I'll also think of matching PJ for her and her husband :) sweet idea!

  2. thanks for the ideas! My sis in law is going to be induced on Friday...I think we'll go shopping tomorrow...perfect timing! :)

  3. Being about 4 weeks away from adding baby #4, I couldn't agree more!!

  4. These are all great ideas!! A lot of my friends brought over meals that could be frozen and that was the best gift ever!!!

  5. All awesome ideas! I especially agree with the FOOD! And the offers to help. You can always make it tangible in the form of "coupons", too.

    Being me, I just gotta add the ultimate gift: a postpartum doula! It might be a lot for one person to foot the bill for it alone (unless they really want to show off), but I know of circles of friends who have taken up collections. I think that rocks. :^)

  6. Great Ideas! I have a couple of friends that are due with their sixth baby and some of these things would make great gifts for them! :)


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