Thursday, April 22, 2010

My 5th.C-Section Birth Plan

In preparation for my baby's birth, I've been working on writing a birth plan. Not everyone feels that writing a birth plan is worthwhile. In my experience, though, if you don't speak up for what you want with your baby's birth, than you will receive whatever your hospital does as standard procedure (the good and the bad).

For my 5th. baby's birth, I am using what I had on my last birth plan and changing it just a little. The hospital I deliver at is now very Mother/Baby friendly, so there is less that I have to fight for. Next week I'll be going over the birth plan with my hospital's maternity coordinator. They've been wonderful about respecting my wishes with my last two babies, so hopefully everything will go smoothly this time too. Here are the things I'm requesting for my upcoming baby's birth:

5th. C-Section Birth Plan

*If possible, I would like a patient and compassionate nurse who is good at helping patients stay calm.
*Lidacaine before IV
*Spinal before catheter
*Volume down on heart monitor as low as safely possible
*M. has permission from my Dr. *** and myself to photograph/video the birth. She is a LPN who is working on her RN and has done clinicals in the maternity ward at a local hospital
*Should I need general anesthesia during the birth, I would like my husband to stay in the O.R. to take pictures and be able to hold the baby.

*Warm Blankets during surgery
*OB will keep cord long for my husband to cut
*I would like to hold baby (with help) as soon as safely possible
*NO eye gel or Hep. B Vaccine for Baby. Vitamin K is okay.

*Unless medically necessary, we would like Baby to stay with us at all times
*I would like Baby to sleep with me in hospital bed (we've done this with our past 2 babies)
*Please ask me before bathing Baby. I will probably want to wait until late afternoon so we have time to bond first

*As soon as safely possible, I would like to be encouraged to walk so the leg compressors can be removed (walking has never been a problem after prior c-sections. I tend to recover very well)


  1. i am so glad to see this, many people definitely don't think a plan is worthwhile for a c-section. i wound up with an emergency c...and had a great plan for my natural birth. i wish i had a back-up plan for c-section. you can still make it a beautiful birth, and direct the docs on care for the baby. thanks!

  2. I think that's a great thing! After all you are the customer. It's a powerful thing to be informed and as ready as possible before you go into to something like that.

  3. Blessings and hopes for a great birth! I am glad you are planning this so well. It's very important. I hope a mom who has never had a baby but has a c-section planned will see this and learn so she can have a great bonding time with her baby despite the medical interventions necessary.

    Dawn (cubbies)

  4. I think that plan is awesome! This will help you not to have to worry about anything while you are having your c-section!

    I hope first time moms will read this and realize that they can have their say too!

  5. Wow! Those are all things that I discussed with my Dr ahead of time, just didn't think to call it a birth plan. That is well thought out. I even specified this time that I wouldn't allow a student nurse to remove my staples; my physician said he would do it for me (an experienced nurse ended up doing it instead--painlessly). We also decline the HepB vaccine; my doctor (my physician, our pediatrician, our OB care all in one person) always instructs Jeremy to decline that shot; his support is helpful. I didn't think to say no to the eye-smear thing. What's it for? I always tell the nurse catheter-after-spinal. They wanted to do it ahead of time once! No way, Jose!

    I'm rambling now. I got all excited because we have the same birth preferences. :)

    Have a great weekend, Morgan!

  6. Good for you! I need to put the cosleeping bit in my next birth plan. My last birth I coslept at the hospital (still cosleeping almost 7 months later) and twice a nurse came in, took my baby off of me and said, "Don't do that!"

    Oh I was LIVID.


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