Friday, April 23, 2010

Who Do You Share Your Birth Plan With?

After yesterday's post that shares the birth plan for my upcoming 5th. c-section, I was asked, "Who do you share your birth plan with?" Here's my response:

Usually I make 3 copies of the birth plans. One copy for my O.B., one for the maternity coordinator at the hospital, and a copy for myself.

In the past, I would take the copy for my O.B. along during a prenatal appointment when I was around 7 1/2- 8 months pregnant. My doctor and I would discuss what was on the birth plan. I'd also find out if there was anything that I was asking for that was unreasonable and then I could make changes if I needed to. With this pregnancy, I didn't take a copy to my O.B. since everything on my birth plan had already been approved by him during my last c-section. Any questions I've had (regarding video taping the birth, holding the baby soon after birth, ect.), I've been able to bring up during previous appointments, so there really wasn't a need to go over the birth plan again.

Around 32-34 weeks pregnant, I have an appointment with the maternity coordinator at the hospital I plan to deliver at. At that time, I take my birth plan with me and go over it with the maternity coordinator. Along with signing all the consent or (non-consent) forms, we go over the birth plan and the coordinator takes notes and places them at the front of my chart. She also will inform me which things may or may not be doable on my birth plan, and sometimes makes suggestions.

As for the copy for myself, I just hold on to it so I can remember what I plan to fight for. The morning I go in for my c-section, there should be a chance to speak with the nurses who will care for my baby and myself, as well as the anesthesiologist and my O.B.. During this time I again bring up my preferences for the birth. We also go over any problems that I had during the previous c-sections.

If you're getting ready to create a birth plan of your own, I highly suggest that you find out ahead of time what your doctor already routinely does during/after the birth as well as what your hospital's standard procedures are. This is especially important when it comes to matters of what happens to your baby after birth. Try to keep your birth plan simple and stick to the things that are really important to you and leave off the things that your doctor or hospital already usually do.


  1. As an OB, I totally agree about finding out (early on) what is routine for your chosen deliverer and hospital.

    For example, I rarely cut episiotomies, baby goes onto Mom's chest immediately after delivery...etc. Most birth plans state these, which are (for me) unnecessay clutter to the meat of the plan.

    You should also make sure your laboring nurse knows your plans, since quite frankly, she is the one that you will spend the most time with.

  2. ditto to what the ob said. unfortunately not ob's are like her. in addition, we have not mentioned having a doula, they can be very valuable in being sure that your birth plan does not go out the window when a mother is in the heat of the moment. let's say she did not want drugs but the surges kick in and she's screaming for drugs although in heart she does not really want them (a laboring mother's brain kicks into survival mode and rational thought takes a backseat) a doula can be there to calm her and make sure what she wanted does happen. I have been in that situation with a mom and she thanked me for talking and massaging her through the transistion and having that baby naturally.

  3. You look simply stunning!

    Morgan, I wanted to thank you for being a part of my first year of blogging! What a wonderful year it has been. I'm throwing a little party and as an honored guest, I would love for you to stop by and share a highlight of your year with all of us.

    Cactus Happy,

  4. You have the best ideas for pregnancy and birthing and mothering and budgeting! You seem like a tremendous mom and wife! My little boy likes the picture above. He asked me what was in your shirt and I told him you were pregnant. He couldn't figure it out! I think it's because you are so tiny! Good luck with everything coming up for you! God bless!

  5. Can i just say, you are a beautiful pregnant mama, Good luck with everything!

  6. I always share my preferences with my physician (the person who provides our regular care, OB care, and cares for our children). He is there in the OR but since he is not performing the surgery, he has that little bit of time to advocate for us and he is good at it. He always remembers what I've asked and seems to remember in subsequent deliveries. I'm very impressed with him. Hope this delivery is your best yet!

  7. Hope you are feeling well! You're in the home stretch!

  8. First of all you look fabulous. I have only read a few posts but I love what I have seen thus far. great advice on the birth plan and congratulations on getting out of debt. We are trying to ourselves. Today is my first time stopping by. Somehow I stumbled upon your bolg and am so happy I did. I am now a follower and subscriber. I look forward to stopping by often to see what's next. :)

  9. It's been awhile since Ive been in the pregnancy chair, but good luck with your choices-almost there!

  10. Great post! Not sure I ever had birth plans, probably would have been helpful! Maybe I'll think about planning more if we have a third!


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