Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ideas of What to Include in Baby's Scrapbook

Each of my children has their own scrapbook. The scrapbooks aren't all that fancy, but they are fun for the kids and I to look at. They LOVE to pull out their book, lie down on the floor, and flip through the pages remembering what fun things they've done. Now that my oldest two can read, they also enjoy reading the stories I've written alongside the photos. Making a scrapbook for each of the kids has been a lot to keep up, but it has been worth it to get our family history on print for the children.

Here are some of the things I include in my Babies' Scrapbooks:

*Intro. page with Baby's birth info., meaning of Baby's name, Baby's hospital bracelet and bassinet card
*Family Tree up to Great-Great Grandparents
*Photos of my husband and I as kids and photos from our wedding. I write a little about how my husband and I came to know God, our childhood, and how we met and fell in love.
*Ultrasound Photos & Pregnancy Test photos. This is where I'll include how we found out we were expecting a baby and little details about my pregnancy with Baby.
*Pregnancy Photos- bi-weekly or monthly belly shots
*Baby Shower Pictures
*Birth Pictures
*Photos of Visitors and list of gifts received
*Pictures with Baby's Siblings and Grandparents
*Letters from Mommy and Daddy. We write about Baby's birth, how glad we are that Baby is part of our family, and our blessings for Baby's future
*List of Baby's "Firsts". See "Growing Up" photo below
*Growth Chart
*Page full of "what things cost" and "what's popular" from year Baby was born.
*Monthly Photos of Baby (a photo from each month of Baby's 1st. year shown side by side)
*Photos from Baby's major milestones
*General snapshots. As baby's growing, special trips, holidays, ect. Anything I think might be important to him/her when they're older.


  1. I started a scrapbook for both of my boys! I have been out of the loop lately but this post is encouragement to pick it back up!!!

  2. I have managed to finish all six of my children's baby scrapbooks! It feels good to know that not one of my children can say, "Why does number one have one and I don't?" They love to look at them, too!

  3. I love the way youscrapbook!! I wish i had done this from the beginning:)It would take me years to catch up...well maybe not...hmmmmm....I'm feeling a bit inspired!


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