Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Example of a Candy Land Cake

For all you candy lovers out there, here is another example of a Candy Land Cake. Evi, an Adventures in Diapering blog reader, made this cake for her daughter's 5th. birthday. Check out the candy path she made- complete with the pink candy spots like the ones on the board game! The game pieces and the candy along the bottom edge of the cake were nice touches too. Apparently the cake was a big hit; Evi says, "14 little hands descended on her cake all at once and it was undone in about 45 seconds!"

Thanks for sharing Evi!


  1. Makes me want to get our Candy Land game out and play it. With three kids, of course, I've already played it at least a hundred times!

    Nice cake. Kudos to the designer, decorator, and baker. :)

  2. That is so cool! I've never even tried to do anything other than smear icing on. I found your blog in a MO group, I'm in St. Louis. <3


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