Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gio's Birth Story by Kansas City Birth Photographer Morgan Lang

Since starting birth photography in the Kansas City Area this past July,  I've been trying to get the word out why hiring a birth photographer is something expectant moms should consider.

Rather than using words to try to explain how birth photography is so beautiful, I'd like to encourage you to SEE it instead.

Take a couple minutes and watch Gio's birth and experience the emotions and details from his birth day. All of my birth videos are tastefully captured with the focus on the emotion and joy of Baby's birth day, rather than the type of birth you might see on Discovery Channel.

After you've had a chance to watch his video, follow me on Facebook to see more birth stories.  Interested in having your own baby's birth story captured?  Contact me through my photography website to learn more!

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  1. My days of making babies are over; however, the beginning of a new life will forever be the most special event to witness. I watched the whole video. It was peaceful, happy, and beautifully done. Continued best wishes to you and your family this year!


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